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Industrial Range


Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

1.0HP - 5.0HP

Centrifugal Monoblocks Pumps are Rugged and efficient are ideal where water requirements are substantial. Pumps are basically used for pressure boosting operations and are available in single and three phase variants.


Hydropneumatic Pumping System

Ranging From 1HP - 100HP

Hydropneumatic System is designed to deliver water continuously at all outlets in all Floors of High Rise Apartments and Commercial Buildings with uniform pressure. Hydropneumatic system consists of 2 to 6 High pressure multistage centrifugal pumpsets, Suction and Delivery manifolds with Valves, Base frame and suitable control panel.


Vertical Multistage Inline

Ranging 0.5HP - 100HP

Vertical Multistage High Pressure Centrifugal In-line pump are driven by Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) high efficiency AC Induction motors. Pumps are in widely used by Boiler and Water feeding industries. Pumps are available in both Online and Offline variants.


Submerged Sewerage Pump

1HP - 10HP

submersible sewage pumps are manufactured to take on the toughest applications with ease. Pumps can be used in Septic tanks,  Treatment plants and pump waste Industrial water.


Openwell Submersible Pumps

2.0HP - 30HP

Openwell Pumps are convenient in lifting water from well or water storage. Pumps are basically used by industries for dewatering and are operable on low voltage.


High Pressure Washer

100Bar - 150Bar

HP Washers are ideal for removing dirt and soil and is in high demand by cleaning industry. Pumps are also used by other industries for descaling purposes.


Rotary Gear Pumps

5.0LPM - 500LPM

Rotary Gear Pumps employs a rotor and idler gear assembly to generate its flow and is ideal for lifting viscous fluids ranging from 100000 SSU.


Induction Motors

1.0HP - 100HP

We offer wide range of industrial motors –ranging from standard electric motors operable on variable voltage and is available in single and three phase variant.

HD Polymer Pipe

25mm - 150

HDP Pipes are strong, flexible and lightweight pipes ideal for displacing fluids with high pressures. Pipes are available in different sizes and can bear higher water temperature up to 90 degree Celsius.

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